The Only Way is Through

my journal entry from December 17th

I have not been able to
journal for two weeks
because to do so
would mean I had to
write the words

“My mom died.”

I have not
been able to.

She passed away
on December 4th.
It has been brutal,
but today
I was able to write the words.

The only way is through.
I miss you Mom.

4 thoughts on “The Only Way is Through

  1. Chanda Little

    The simplicity & honesty in this post is powerful & beautifully expressed. May you find comfort in your creating, writing, and God’s great big loving & understanding arms. Hugs, love, and continued prayers for you all. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lori

      Thank God above for how sweetly He has given you the ability to come to a place where you journal this direct feeling and thought. He’s freed your mind and opened your heart. May the journaling journey ease your grief. I love you.


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