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holding space ~ holding time

my mind is day-dreamy today     wandering from thing to thing      family     kitten nibbles     all the stuff     blue jays     warm coffee     dappled sun on the neighbor's roof     resting shepherd dog     curious cat     whirr of the fan which I am now turning off monday, early, the… Continue reading holding space ~ holding time

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Creativity and the Holy Spirit: Resistance, Hospitality, and Permission

My final reflection for my Seminary course on the Holy Spirit: Shortly after starting to put together some thoughts and some notes on creativity and the Holy Spirit, I discovered that this topic was bigger than the parameters of this assignment. I feel I could study the intersection of these two concepts indefinitely. Therefore, for… Continue reading Creativity and the Holy Spirit: Resistance, Hospitality, and Permission

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What is Mission?

I just finished my third year of Seminary. Most of the students who started with me just graduated and are moving on to their ministries. Since I have been attending part-time, I still have a few years to go. I haven't shared much about my experience with my classes here mainly because it has been… Continue reading What is Mission?

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I am asked: “What is your inner source of orientation? What is your inner compass?” So I begin to wonder....hmmm....what guides me? To be honest,curiosity points the way.I follow untilthe road gets toughthen I ache toturn back.Who wins? Comfort or curiosity?On a cold day, maybe comfort.When I have the energy, maybe curiosity. So, is curiosity… Continue reading Curiosity